Thur 29 Jan

January 29, 2009

Number of hands: 3700
Number of tables: 20-24
Time: 3.5 hours
Limit: NL25 + NL50
Strategy: SSS
Profit: +$5
Bankroll: $466

Massive downswing at the start and I think I made one or two mistakes as I was a little pissed off so I tried to bluff reraise some guy. The graph below didn’t include the last 400 hands for some reason.



Wed 28 Jan (Part 2)

January 28, 2009

Session 2:
Number of hands: 454
Number of tables: 6-8
Time: 1 hour
Profit: -$60
Limit: NL25
Strategy: BSS

Session 3:
Number of hands: 2667
Number of tables: 24
Time: 2.5 hours
Profit: +$100
Limit: NL25 + NL50
Strategy: SSS
Bankroll: $461

I cleared another bonus today but it was destroyed by me playing with a big stack. I realised one thing – I tend to steal too much at this low limit and play hyper aggressive. This has costed me lots of money. I shall stick to SSS for now and grind back all my money. I have about 1600 VPP to go to get Supernova status in Pokerstars and I have up till 31 Jan. I shall use the remaining 3 days to grind like crazy.

Wed 28 Jan

January 28, 2009

Lost $40 playing shorthand yesterday. Played a little too aggressive and loose so I had to fold many hands. Today I went back to shortstacking.

Number of hands: 1640
Time: 1.5 hours
Number of tables: 20-24
Profit: +$10
Bankroll: $424
Strategy: SSS
Limit: NL25 + NL50

I started off nicely with like 90% of pots won at showdown. Then I started losing a lot of money. My NL25 tables were making money but the NL50 were always losing so overall even though I ended up with about 70% pots won at showdown, my profit was still very small. I think next time I try out something new I should play at the lower stakes.

Tue 27 Jan

January 27, 2009

Number of hands: about 500
Time: 1 hour
Strategy: BSS
Number of players: Full-ring
Profit: +$14
Bankroll: $407
Limit: NL25

Played a while and got bored after that. Managed to win an entire stack once ($24). I wanted to try Sit-n-Gos again but my computer lags when my brother use his laptop. I shall try some Short-Handed games soon.

Mon 26 Jan

January 26, 2009

Number of hands: 433
Number of tables:
Time: 1 hour
Profit: +$22.65
Strategy: SSS
Limit: NL50 + NL25
My net kept disconnecting again but luck was fairly good so I made back the money.

Number of tables: 3
Buyin: $10+1 (10 contributed to prize pool, 1 goes to Pokerstars as rake)
Players per table: 9/10
Profit: $53
Current bankroll: $392.60

I played a normal Sit-and-Go together with 2 other “double-up” tables. The double-up tables means that you get back $20 if you finish in the top 5.

Prize for normal sit-and-go:
1st – $45
2nd – $27
3rd – $18
Everyone else lose their $11 buyin. I came in first and as for the other two, I finished in the top 5.

For the main Sit-and-Go, I was nearly knocked out in the top 4 (the 4th guy is said to be in the bubble because he is one place away from being “in the money”). I ended up being the shortstack – One guy had 5000 after his JJ dominated my AQ and killed another guy with 88, the other two had 2000+, I was left with 1000+ after losing with my AQ. I eventually managed to double up after pushing all-in. Then slowly one guy was kicked out, after that I was still the smallest stack with 3000, the other two had 4000+ and 5000+. I managed to kill another guy and become the chip leader. Then it was heads-up with me having 8000+ against my opponent’s 5000+. He gained the lead but I gained my chips back after some pushing. In the last hand, he completed his smallblind with 32s against my 75o. I had a mid pair on the flop (5 pair), he had a low pair (3 pair). Then I raised and he pushed all-in so I called. The next two cards were blanks so I won.

Sun 25 Jan

January 25, 2009

Number of tables: 20+
Time: 1.5 hours
Bankroll: $317
Profit: +$27
Strategy: SSS
Limit: NL25 + NL50

Stupid net disconnected twice but I won like 100% of my pots at showdown in the 3rd part. Bought another $50 bonus and I am in the process of clearing it. I’m going to try my luck at shorthanded (6 player max) games soon. Supposedly there are more fishes there and more action so I can just stick to 4 tables.

Sat 24 Jan

January 24, 2009

Number of hands: 2322
Number of tables: 24
Time: 2 hours
Net profit: -$33
Bankroll: $301
Strategy: SSS
Limit: $0.10/$0.25 + $0.25/$0.50
Pots won at showdown: 48%

Today I played both limits at once. Luck isn’t very good even though I picked out all the loose tables. AK keeps missing the board and lose to 88.