Sat 28 Mar

March 28, 2009

Total Bankroll: $1500

Pretty satisfied with my March earnings. I was grinding for some March top 10 English community bonus from Pokerstrategy but I lost 500$ in the process (the bonus offeres $500 to the first, 400 to the 2nd, 300 to the third etc) so I realised that all this bonus whoring is stupid. I’m going to play SSS only during the weekends from now on. Anyway all the successful shortstackers seem to be either at Party Poker or maybe Full Tilt but not Pokerstars. Too many shortstackers there, and the $1/2 limit is full of NITs with their supernova grinding.

I also spent a lot of time during this month to learn Short-handed. I must say I’m quite good at it now. Able to crush Titan’s NL50, maybe even NL100. Not sure if that’s the case for Pokerstars. I also restarted my learning process again instead of blindly focusing on grinding.

2 days ago, my Diamond T-Shirt finally arrived. Plain design, but looks alright. Pokerstrategy even sent a deck of cards.





Mon 9 Mar

March 9, 2009

After one week of brainless grinding without any profit, I have come to the conclusion that I lack the skills to beat NL100 (even though it isn’t that hard). There are a few things I am lacking and am currently working on:
– discipline (pre/post flop): I am able to control myself from 3betting stupidly at the moment with weak pocket pairs. However I still have a little bit of maniacal tendencies and I still bluff a little too much on the turn and river (though I am successful quite often). Today I even pushed $15 into a $28 5-way pot (KKJ) with AQo which was completely retarded of me.
– advanced 3-betting ranges: I am quite good at this already for the premium hands (JJ+, AK) and for AQ (require PFR=15% in early and mid position). Thus I am able to 3bet other people profitably
– pot odds and equity: I’m still using auto-rebuyin which sucks. This prevents me from making full use of pot odds to maximise my profit,  Also, if I have good knowledge of my opponent’s 3-betting ranges, I can even fold my JJ and AK, saving me lots of money and preventing me from running into AA/KK. I’m going to do some experimenting with PokerStove and a calculator
– restealing: I memorised the steal/resteal ranges from ATS 10%-40% (any higher, I can just resteal with any ace)
– Sklansky-Chubukov range: I’m not using it since I use auto rebuyin and I can never have a shorter stack of 15BB or less. Frankly speaking I think this doesn’t help that much, though I guess it could probably maximise my profit a little more. I know that low pocket pairs and A2+ can be pushed with 10BB/15BB stack from SB and BU profitably.

Some potodds/equity calculations:

Formula: Pot odds = Amt needed to call / initial stack X 2
We assume that the blinds will pay off the rake
For our call to be profitable, the pot odds should be lesser than our equity

3% 3-bet (AK,JJ+):

JJ – 36.6% equity
20 BB stack: If I bet 4BB, I get reraised 20BB, pot odds = 16/40 = 40% -> fold with 20 BB
15 BB stack: If I bet 4BB, I get reraised 15 BB, pot odds = 11/30 = 36.7% -> breakeven with 15BB

QQ – 47.4% equity
20 BB stack: If I bet 4BB, I get reraised 20BB, pot odds = 40% -> push with QQ
40 BB stack: If I bet 4BB, I get reraised 40BB, pot odds = 36/80 = 45% -> still profitable to call. However, this is unlikely with a double stack,
few people will 3bet so much. This just means that QQ is profitable to play almost all the time 

AKo – 39.8% equity (AK’s equity is higher than JJ against this range, yet AKo’s equity against JJ is lower)
19 BB – If I bet 4 BB, I get reraised 19 BB, pot odds = 15/38 = 39.4% -> breakeven with 19 BB

AKs – 42.8% equity
28 BB – If I bet 4 BB, I get reraised 28BB, pot odds = 24/56 = 42.9% -> breakeven with 27.5 BB

Sun 1 Mar

March 1, 2009


My titan poker was at like +$35 profit, then i think i screwed up and ended up with a loss of about $5. Short-handed NL20 in titan is freaking easy to beat. everyone there plays like crap and go broke with shitty hands. Played for about 2 hours.


My $30 bankroll was completely destroyed. First I tried playing Blackjack. It was really fucking rigged. At least in casinos they only have about 55% edge at most. I think the online site has at least 65% edge over the player. Not only is the software rigged, you also cant even count cards (not that I know how to). Lesson: Online Blackjack is bullshit.

So I was playing it, then I dropped from 30 to 16. I got pissed off and bet everything I had. Miraculously, I doubled up. Then I went to play some headsup poker with some big fish. He was very weak and folded a lot to my aggression. So I was making a hefty profit off this idiot. Then in the final hand, he had like QJo and I had K9 or something. The board was AKXTK and I made the mistake of reraising his 9 dollar bet on the river with my king trips (this guy would never bet so much if he had nothing). So i busted my money and I was left with $6.50 which is quite useless so I decided to gamble at the blackjack table once again. Then finally I went broke and uninstalled CDPoker.

Never mind, who cares, I still have my Titan and Pokerstars accounts…


I played the daily VIP freeroll again in the morning but PokerTracker wasn’t working again. I forgot how to fix the problem until late afternoon (supposed to go to services and applications to reenable PostGres service) so I was playing without stats. I ended up in 100th place i think? AK losing to KT bullshit. I had top pair on the flop and shoved my stack, then I lost to ridiculous two-pair. Made about $150 from the cash tables with my good luck.