Month of April and most of May

May 24, 2009


This is a graph for my Titan Poker account. I was on a mega upswing, thought I was badass at shorthanded 6 max games. Then I started playing NL100 and NL2o0 games then I got owned. So my bankroll started dropping so quickly. At the end of April, I burnt away most of my money, being left with 600$ in my Titan Account. Meanwhile, My pokerstars account went up to $1600+, then I lost a hell lot of money too, dropping until 600, then I went down to 200 which was very depressing. I switched back to SSS and grinded the account back to 700+. Bought some bonuses as well with my FPP but I wasted $100 on NL50 headsup.

I finally realised that the most profitable way to increase your bankroll is to concentrate on the education, not on the bonuses. Right now I’m finally able to crush 6max at NL50 at Titan, 16 tables. I mix up a few NL100 tables as well (the looser ones) and now I’m glad to say that I can adapt very well to the fishes (calling stations) and the TAGs.

In May, Titan gave me a $1500 bonus, which was why I started multi-tabling hard on Titan. Up to now I have cleared only 300, and I can only clear 600 at most (waste of 900) since they only give me until 2 Jun to clear it.

Current Bankroll: $2080 (Titan) + $800 (Pokerstars). I deposited 300 USD into my Titan account, but i have 500USD worth of bonus money there and about 300 USD worth of bonus money in Pokerstars. So I’m at $3000 at the moment.