Sat 26 Sep (SuperNova)

September 26, 2009

Today I reached SuperNova status (100 000 VPP) at Pokerstars after about 250 000 hands played and about 700 hours invested in poker. I’m still poor like shit but I’m sure things are going to change soon. After all sorts of bullshit downswings, I’m back with about $4200 bankroll (600 at Fulltilt, 3500 at Stars) and about $1000 bonus pending.

The past 2 months didn’t go too well but I watched many many Deucescracked videos. JX also got his cardrunners membership so I watch many videos at work as well when no one is watching. Earlier in September I played about 10 hours at LuckyAce Poker and got myself a free Holdem Manager licence: it completely owns Pokertracker I think but the HUD looks uglier and I don’t know how to configure it (but the popup stats is imba)

I was surfing google for random free bankroll sites. After sieving through all the shit sites like bankrollmob which doesn’t provide free money for Singapore, I found Asiapokeracademy, something similar to pokerstrategy. They give less money than pokerstrategy ($30) and you can only play at Betfriends (Ipoker) but it’s still fine with me. I had a coaching session with their founder/headcoach Dr Eldo today (not really coaching session but we talked about my game and he gave me some advice on how fullring had more value). I tried playing 18 tables of fullring for about 1.5 hours after that and made 180$, very very easy. It’s full of fishy shit and I just abuse them with my light3betting and LAG style, I think I was playing at 18/16, and everyone else is playing like 12/10 or 10/9. I had 50/40 at one of the tables after 20 hands when I started picking up a few hands and abusing some weak tight guy.

I’m going to play more Fullring on weekends. 20 minutes ago before writing this, I played two tables of headsup and earned 75$. Headsup isn’t really that difficult I think, especially when you wait at your own table with a huge stack. All the regulars will avoid you and you have an easy time. Now I’m going to display my Supernova status when I play headsup to deter them even more.



 Some stats for 2nd half of Sep 2009, Lost $500 on one day after screwing around with Omaha8 and Headsup


Mid to End Sep 2009