$5000 milestone

Finally time I hit my 5k mark. As of now, I have $2200 in Pokerstars, $2750 in Fulltilt, $330 in my ewallet (I deposited $300 last time so this doesn’t count) and maybe almost $100 in my Betfriends account. I still have $260 left of my first deposit bonus, 40 000 FPP points (50k can buy me $800), and some more bonus from betfriends when I transfer my money there.

I spent this entire week grinding fullring. It’s really easy, but I was running very hot as well. I made $800 within 5 days (12 hours) thanks to various setups or suckouts.

Number of wins/lossses:
Set over set: 2/1
Fullhouse over fullhouse: 1/1

There was also this hand where I picked up 22. Two other nubs called with A3. The flop came 245 and all 3 of us went all in. Note that none of us were making a mistake. The two guys with A3 probably had the nuts (36 is so unlikely) so allin is the right play. As for myself, even if I could see my cards, I am only investing 33% of the pot. I have a 36% chance of catching a fullhouse or 4-of-a-kind, so it was the best play. Besides, they could have been overplaying twopair but when I saw both of them shoving, I was afraid that it was set over set (their stats showed that they were noobs so I still shoved anyway). The turn and river was 5 and 6, giving me the fullhouse for a $300 pot.



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