20 Dec 2009, One Year Anniversary

It has been one year since I decided to play seriously. My aim was to make $20 000 but I failed to do so. I have $15000 at the moment, so if I convert it to USD, its more than $20 000 SGD.

Within a short span of 3 weeks, I made about $5000. I am probably running very hot at the moment, won a lot of crucial big NL400 pots though I shouldn’t be taking shots at NL400 yet until I have 25 to 30 000$.

I’m still multi-tabling a fair amount. I’m doing the 24 table FR at NL200 Poketsras again. Don’t really like to play fewer tables for fullring. As for 6 max, I think 6-8 tables is my optimum. When I want to improve on my game even more, I will cut down strictly to 6.

The games at Pokerstars suck for 6max – It’s all about the regulars hunting down the 10% of fishes. Ipoker is way easier, at least 30% of the players at NL200 are horrible so theres usually a fish at every table if you table select a little.

Maybe Fulltilt is easier, it’s sad that I have SuperNova at the shitty site with bad games.

Now I set a new aim for myself – make $100 000 before I start school. Sounds quite impossible, but I think 50 000 is probably within my reach so I want to set a harder goal.

After I ORD in Jan, I’m going to watch a lot of videos, maybe sign up at Bluefire and learn some shit from Phil Galfond. Then maybe I’ll pick up Stud or some other variation, don’t really like PLO as its a stupid high variance game.


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