Fri 25 Dec (Christmas)

I need to fix my leaks badly. Earned my way to 17k then lost it all. Today I lost $1200 because I kept getting owned by two annoying regs who 3bet me all day long.

I think I was very exploitable in several aspects:
1) Over 3betting from blinds – This left me out of position damn often. “huntt” kept on flatting my 3bet and play back against me post flop. I was also forced to checkfold many times when the flop came out low and coordinated
2) Over 4betting – I also exploit others with a very loose 5bet shove (KQ etc) and I’m sure players like huntt are doing the same to me. Need to fold more
3) Tighten up, better seat selection – I remembered when some faggot kept on giving me trouble, I sat behind him and 3bet the fuck out of him and he was sorry he ever messed with me. 4bet bluffing is way tougher and more expensive than flatting 3bets and playing back postflop.
4) Perhaps fix exploitable bet sizing and timing – I like to instantcall/raise with monsters and people always notice this. I don’t like to time down because Ipoker software sucks and Im afraid I fold if I ignore it for too long.
5) Try to reduce exploitable lines – I play very predictably which is why I am very far from Game Theory Optimal – my playstyle extracts the max value from a fish but gets seen through by a regular easily. I need to start playing more balanced to stop this.


After ORD in 3 weeks, I’m going to dedicate 1 or 2 days to the study of PLO (mainly but I really hate the variance) and PLO8/Stud8 (prefer this cause of low variance but there are too few games).


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