Get your Free $50 bankroll

Well, obviously I get Tell-A-Friend benefits, so I’m advertising here. If you think that this is a possible scam, at most you risk a bit of personal information (by filling in your particulars), but let me assure you it’s safe.

Here’s my referral link:

Sign up here at PokerStrategy, a Poker School, and you get a free $50 starting capital, and some pretty neat poker learning resources like strategy articles and videos. So far, I have watched more than 70% of the No Limit Videos and read like 80% of the No Limit Articles. If you sign up and play a lot, I can get up to $100.

And here’s how PokerStrategy makes its money:


A lot of people always wonder why we offer this service without wanting a membership fee. The reason is quite simple. We are working together with our partner sites (the biggest online poker rooms in the internet).  To benefit from our content, coaching videos and other poker education materials you have to register at our partner sites with our bonus code. With that bonus code, the poker room recognizes that we brought a new player to their system.

What is rake:
This is the fee the poker rooms charge players. Most often, it is a percentage of the pot. For example, many poker rooms will take 5% of the pot up to $3 as a fee for hosting the game. You have to pay rake at every online poker room or even offline casions.

Important: A PokerStrategy member pays the same rake like everybody else. So don’t think you have to pay a higher fee just because you registered with our bonus code.

It is the other way round. You have to pay the rake anyway. But by playing with our bonus code you will get something in return, in the form of articles, live coaching, coaching videos, Poker software and our sample hand boards.

So our income is a part of your rake.

Note: It is important to understand that we don’t benefit a lot from you, as a player, if you don’t improve your game (playing higher limits).

We can only profit from our players if they get better.

Hobby Player: I don’t know a concrete number but most of the poker players online are just Hobby players. Players who just watched a bit Poker on TV or played some home games. They are mainly playing poker to have fun. Or they have such a big ego and think their minor knowledge is enough to win some money.

Therefore poker is one of the only ‘games’ where you are looking for bad players. So just with our Basic/Bronze area you are better equipped/prepared then most of the other online players.
So all in all we have a WIN WIN WIN situation.

PokerStrategy and its partners: We get a % of your Rake from our partners for bringing in new players to their systems.

PokerStrategy Member: a good poker education.

So far as of April 2009, I believe PokerStars and PokerStrategy has made at least $4000 worth of rake from me. That means that if I didn’t have to pay rake, I would be at $6000 now instead of $2000.  Thus, this is highly profitable for all three parties (the poker site, pokerstrategy, and myself)


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