Poker Glossary

For all those who don’t understand the confusing terminology:

Aggressive – An aggressive player is one who bets and raises often. He has the initiative much of the time and determines the flow of the game
All-in – Betting your entire stack

Bankroll – All the funds a player designates for gambling (in the poker account)
Bet – Making a wager when no one else has already betted.
Blind – Forced bets paid before cards are dealt
Bluff – A move where one tries to convince the opposition that one’s hand is stronger than it actually is
Board – All the community cards
Buy-in – Amount that a player must pay to enter a game

Call – Wagering the exact amount of the opposing bet
Check – Pass action to the next player without placing a wager
Community Cards – Cards dealt on the table face-up which are shared by all players
Continuation bet – Continuing the aggression by betting again after betting in the previous round

Downswing – A period of time in which a player suffers extended losses due to bad luck
Draw – An unfinished hand that needs one or more cards to be completed

Fold – Laying down your cards and withdrawing from the current round of play. Also known as muck.
Freeroll – Tournament with sponsored prizes so that no buy-in is required
Full-ring – A game with 7-10 players

Heads-up – A game with 2 players max

Limp – A player limps if he calls the blinds as his first action and does not raise
Loose – A playing style where many hands are played

Nuts – The best possible hand in a given situation/given all the cards dealt so far. Also used in the context of a particular hand category. (e.g. the nut flush is the best possible flush – the flush with an ace)

Outs – Cards that will complete draws

Passive – A passive player seldom raise or bet. He plays his hands less aggressively and lets others take the initiative. He reacts more than he acts.
Position – Position determines when a player acts. A player is said to be in position with respect to all players who must act before him in the betting round. The opposite is true for a player who is out of position.
Pot – Prize pool consisting of all the bets made in a hand

Raise – Betting over the amount wagered by your opponent

Short-handed – A game with 3-6 players
Showdown – The final portion of the hand where the remaining players show their cards and compare to see who has the best cards and wins the pot. It takes place after the last round of betting.
Slowplay – Playing a strong hand passively to give the impression of a weaker hand
Stack – Amount of chips that a player has at his table

Tight – A playing style where few hands are played

Upswing – A phase in which a player has good luck and hits good cards and favourable situations

VPIP – Voluntary put $ in Pot, Percentage of cases a player puts money in the flop voluntarily. This excludes players who got to see the flop for free after checking as the big blind.


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