July’s Enlightenment

July 16, 2009

So at the start of July, I had about $800 at Titan and $700 at PokerStars. I had 10 000 Titan points to go so I started 16 tabling again. My luck was shit, and I soon found myself dropping to $200. Last week I shortstacked at 6max tables and got screwed again so Im at $80 now, with 2 000 points to go. Fortunately, by the end of the month, they will multiply my points by 40% so I will get about 161 000 Titan Points. Then I’ll cash out my money and get out of there.

Hollywood Poker was no better. I had about $700 after bullying the noobs there. I was playing headsup previously but decided to play 4 tables of 6max to speed up the bonus clearing. Since I have no HUD stats, I got pwned bad (not used to playing with pure reads, I like numbers). Now I’m at $150 and I’m going to stop for now until my Pokerstars account has a nice bankroll.

Upset with my level of spew, I decided to purchase Ed Miller’s Small Stakes No Limit Hold’em. A $100 USD e-book (PDF format), I felt poor after purchasing it. It would have costed me $40 if only I had preordered it, too bad I only read about it after it was released.

So this book was really good and it told me that I should be focusing on how to exploit each opponent to the max by tailoring my playing style against each of them. Most importantly, it reminded me that most of the money (at least 80%) earned come from complete noobs. So I learnt that choosing 4 high quality tables would certainly be more profitable than multi-tabling 16 tables, playing with a bunch of nit TAGs and tilting big time when I went on a downswing.

So on my Pokerstars account, it started well, $700->$1000, then I lost $500 so I was at $487. But I picked myself up again and earned $1000 in 22 hours. That’s about $50/h and the best thing is I don’t feel that it was an upswing, merely the great effects of proper table selection techniques to extract money from the fishes.

With about 5.5 months to go, my bankroll stands at about $3000. With some effort, I still think my initial goal to make USD$20 000 in 2009 is still attainable.


June Part 2

July 16, 2009

I also tried playing at many sites in June. I signed up at Pacific Poker, Everest Poker and Hollywood Poker to get 5 free books each from 2 + 2. In the end, I only managed to get 5 books by clearing the Everest Poker bonus (they were shipped from the US in a box). For some reason, Pacific Poker didn’t record my play so I’m still asking them to give me my books. I have yet to finish up my hollywood bonus.

Since I was busy grinding at Titan, my own account (gbtl) reached diamond status on Pokerstrategy, so I received another free T-shirt (this time a black shirt) and another free deck of high quality plastic cards.

A screwed-up month of June

July 16, 2009

June started with me grinding on Titan Poker once more. I started the month, with a new resolution to play 4 tables and concentrate on improving on my game.

However, I soon reverted to my bad habits: I started playing 16 tables at once to grind out bonuses again. There was one point in time I reached $2400 as I was running hot. Then I went on a downswing and spewed even more money, ending at 800$ for the month. I had 80 000 Titan points which was enough to purchase 800$ cash but I was aiming for the next level which was 160 000 points for 1750$. Looking back, I probably lost about 1000-2000$ trying to grind for the points needed to get that extra 950$.

I also participated in a lot of VIP races in May and June, so I had a sit at a WSOP mainevent freeroll. It was held at 2am and I recall staying up until 7am to play it. Out of 100 players, about 30 were AFK. I got a huge lead at the beginning, with 10 000 chips, vs the other stacks which were averaging at about 3-5k. Then someguy came from nowhere and started dominating. My luck wasn’t good, but I kept up the aggression and kept stealing blinds to build my stack. I also took short naps during the 5 min breaks. I reached the final table and busted at 3rd place, after I was up against someone with 80 000 and 250 000 chips, I had about 20 000 chips myself and I was spewing around with my K8 offsuit hand. The 2nd place guy raised and I just shoved on him and he calls with AK. Naturally I lose the hand and that was how I wasted 5 hours of sleep to gain nothing (The WSOP seat to Vegas was worth $13000, including airfare and accomodation [$3000] and a $10000 buyin into the main event)

Month of April and most of May

May 24, 2009


This is a graph for my Titan Poker account. I was on a mega upswing, thought I was badass at shorthanded 6 max games. Then I started playing NL100 and NL2o0 games then I got owned. So my bankroll started dropping so quickly. At the end of April, I burnt away most of my money, being left with 600$ in my Titan Account. Meanwhile, My pokerstars account went up to $1600+, then I lost a hell lot of money too, dropping until 600, then I went down to 200 which was very depressing. I switched back to SSS and grinded the account back to 700+. Bought some bonuses as well with my FPP but I wasted $100 on NL50 headsup.

I finally realised that the most profitable way to increase your bankroll is to concentrate on the education, not on the bonuses. Right now I’m finally able to crush 6max at NL50 at Titan, 16 tables. I mix up a few NL100 tables as well (the looser ones) and now I’m glad to say that I can adapt very well to the fishes (calling stations) and the TAGs.

In May, Titan gave me a $1500 bonus, which was why I started multi-tabling hard on Titan. Up to now I have cleared only 300, and I can only clear 600 at most (waste of 900) since they only give me until 2 Jun to clear it.

Current Bankroll: $2080 (Titan) + $800 (Pokerstars). I deposited 300 USD into my Titan account, but i have 500USD worth of bonus money there and about 300 USD worth of bonus money in Pokerstars. So I’m at $3000 at the moment.

Sun 5 Apr

April 5, 2009

Finally hit the $1500 mark yesterday. Then I played Omaha (NL50 and NL100). foolish move which costed me $350. But woke up today and got 300$ in 10 min. I played some SnGs and I think i broke even or lost a bit of money. Placed 2nd in the Omaha SnG and one of the Hold’em SnG, lost a few more as well as the Double or Nothing. Played some Titan in the afternoon and managed to increase my roll from $460 to $670. Im looking forward to hitting 3k at the end of Apr. From my current progress, 20k by December should be easily attainable, given the amount that I invest in grinding and studying

Sat 28 Mar

March 28, 2009

Total Bankroll: $1500

Pretty satisfied with my March earnings. I was grinding for some March top 10 English community bonus from Pokerstrategy but I lost 500$ in the process (the bonus offeres $500 to the first, 400 to the 2nd, 300 to the third etc) so I realised that all this bonus whoring is stupid. I’m going to play SSS only during the weekends from now on. Anyway all the successful shortstackers seem to be either at Party Poker or maybe Full Tilt but not Pokerstars. Too many shortstackers there, and the $1/2 limit is full of NITs with their supernova grinding.

I also spent a lot of time during this month to learn Short-handed. I must say I’m quite good at it now. Able to crush Titan’s NL50, maybe even NL100. Not sure if that’s the case for Pokerstars. I also restarted my learning process again instead of blindly focusing on grinding.

2 days ago, my Diamond T-Shirt finally arrived. Plain design, but looks alright. Pokerstrategy even sent a deck of cards.




Mon 9 Mar

March 9, 2009

After one week of brainless grinding without any profit, I have come to the conclusion that I lack the skills to beat NL100 (even though it isn’t that hard). There are a few things I am lacking and am currently working on:
– discipline (pre/post flop): I am able to control myself from 3betting stupidly at the moment with weak pocket pairs. However I still have a little bit of maniacal tendencies and I still bluff a little too much on the turn and river (though I am successful quite often). Today I even pushed $15 into a $28 5-way pot (KKJ) with AQo which was completely retarded of me.
– advanced 3-betting ranges: I am quite good at this already for the premium hands (JJ+, AK) and for AQ (require PFR=15% in early and mid position). Thus I am able to 3bet other people profitably
– pot odds and equity: I’m still using auto-rebuyin which sucks. This prevents me from making full use of pot odds to maximise my profit,  Also, if I have good knowledge of my opponent’s 3-betting ranges, I can even fold my JJ and AK, saving me lots of money and preventing me from running into AA/KK. I’m going to do some experimenting with PokerStove and a calculator
– restealing: I memorised the steal/resteal ranges from ATS 10%-40% (any higher, I can just resteal with any ace)
– Sklansky-Chubukov range: I’m not using it since I use auto rebuyin and I can never have a shorter stack of 15BB or less. Frankly speaking I think this doesn’t help that much, though I guess it could probably maximise my profit a little more. I know that low pocket pairs and A2+ can be pushed with 10BB/15BB stack from SB and BU profitably.

Some potodds/equity calculations:

Formula: Pot odds = Amt needed to call / initial stack X 2
We assume that the blinds will pay off the rake
For our call to be profitable, the pot odds should be lesser than our equity

3% 3-bet (AK,JJ+):

JJ – 36.6% equity
20 BB stack: If I bet 4BB, I get reraised 20BB, pot odds = 16/40 = 40% -> fold with 20 BB
15 BB stack: If I bet 4BB, I get reraised 15 BB, pot odds = 11/30 = 36.7% -> breakeven with 15BB

QQ – 47.4% equity
20 BB stack: If I bet 4BB, I get reraised 20BB, pot odds = 40% -> push with QQ
40 BB stack: If I bet 4BB, I get reraised 40BB, pot odds = 36/80 = 45% -> still profitable to call. However, this is unlikely with a double stack,
few people will 3bet so much. This just means that QQ is profitable to play almost all the time 

AKo – 39.8% equity (AK’s equity is higher than JJ against this range, yet AKo’s equity against JJ is lower)
19 BB – If I bet 4 BB, I get reraised 19 BB, pot odds = 15/38 = 39.4% -> breakeven with 19 BB

AKs – 42.8% equity
28 BB – If I bet 4 BB, I get reraised 28BB, pot odds = 24/56 = 42.9% -> breakeven with 27.5 BB